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This would be Lea! (LeanderHiko) omg! how are you all! It seems like many years since I last was lurking at the Brig.

I found all of my old artwork ;_; I actually stopped drawing as of a couple of years ago because I lost inspiration to. However looking at my old work has inspired me to try again. I genuinely forgot some of the stuff I did and was actually quite surprised how decent some of it was - like the Sound of Evil stuff! XD I kind of want to continue drawing that now....

So anyway... I'm posting here cause I found this little gem and those who used to do the crazy RP stuff in the forums (Basil, Punky, Kas, Elly et al) will remember it well... (or at least what it pertains to)

Clone Boys dot jay peg!Collapse )

I do believe that is TillBrock (????? did I get the name wrong? I will get so annoyed if I did XD) Tiny Vegeta (! zomg) Kosaburo and Ko-something (the one I made who is a cross between Kosaburo and Tracey XD)

edit: OMG i remembered, it was Kenjiburo!!! ohhh... good times... good times.

Something pertaining a bit to the Brig (bear with me)
Recently I've gotten myself a boyfriend, Kim. He's Swedish. (half Finnish) Big, dark haired... and I get on well enough after meeting him this weekend to believe I'll end up with him for some time... but the hilarious thing is (and the thing pertaining to this community) is that if you slapped a beard on Mr Seijuroh Hiko (my old anime obsession), and grew his hair a bit (which he's doing) you'd basically get Kim. XD A bit less oriental than Hiko, but still!! He's got the serious big-ness and dark-ness going on. And it only occurred to me today. How odd is that?


Hope a few of you are still about!
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*pokes in, glances around*

See, I wanted to join earlier. But I'm dumb and didn't realize I only added it to watch and didn't actually join. >_>

*coughs* So... what's up everyone? In response to Froggy's post, I'm still into acting, I'm studying Japanese, I'm a sophomore in college (though I'm a year behind due to the (#$&ing theatre school), I'm currently a Digital Cinema major focusing on Screenwriting, and my hair is now pink. I'm heading to Anime Central this weekend in Rosemont, so if anyone happens to be there, I'll be dressed as Post Time Skip Haruno Sakura. Goodness, was the costume a bitch to make.

My major fandom right now is Naruto, and I want either Kakashi or Sasuke's babies. I'm really not picky as to which one's. XD I'm a ginormous SasuSaku fan, and all my other communities I'm in kinda show that. I've been writing a bit of fanfiction here and there, and I've also been messing with digital art.

Oh, and I've been crossplaying a lot lately. O.o; I did a Sanji cosplay last Halloween. All my art/cosplay stuff is up at my Deviant Art page. Okee doke, well, I should go back to doing nothing working.

I miss you guys. :) It's good to be back, and I can't wait to hear more from ya'll.

-Le Brans
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mass effect (new shepard)

A little bit of Brig pimping.

I'm just gonna plug the place here as well, Elly put up the old Brigade as it was at Yuku, which is supposed to be the reincarnation of Ezboard, just 100% free and with more community stuff added to it. You're supposed to even be able to migrate your old Ezboard accounts there, boards and stuff. All that seems kinda buggy and unfinished yet though, but I have a good feeling about that place.

I know we can prolly never get back to what we once were, since a lot of people have changed a lot over time, our hobbies and interests have switched from one end to another... So it will probably be completely different, maybe too different and it may not work out. But everybody who is willing to have some mad harmless fun is welcome there! Booyaka!
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may you find comfort here


And we are now open for business! :D!

This is a community for former brigaders to get to know each other again, chat on old times, new times, what's going on in their lives, or anything at all that they want. Anything.

This is for us to hang out and do whatever. w00t! :D
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