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Disney Songs

Best Disney Song of ALL Time.

And go.

Under the Sea, bitches :p
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"Deception (Disgrace)", from Lion King II: Simba's Pride. Definitely. One of my friends and I used to rock out to that song when we were little. =D That movie was the epitome of awesomeness.
Woe and alas! I couldn't decide on my favorite Disney song! I love Lion King and Lion King 2. Under the Sea is a great one too. And then there are the classics like a Wish is a Dream Your Heart Makes! And there's Aladdin. And 101 Dalmatians.

Oh and then there's Mary Poppins and Robin Hood. Pocahontas. Winnie the Pooh! I mean... I'm torn here. I couldn't pick. It's like what is your favorite kind of truffle?
The Lion King was my favourite Disney movie of all time, so I really liked their musics too. :D Hard to pic an absolute favourite though!
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