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*pokes in, glances around*

See, I wanted to join earlier. But I'm dumb and didn't realize I only added it to watch and didn't actually join. >_>

*coughs* So... what's up everyone? In response to Froggy's post, I'm still into acting, I'm studying Japanese, I'm a sophomore in college (though I'm a year behind due to the (#$&ing theatre school), I'm currently a Digital Cinema major focusing on Screenwriting, and my hair is now pink. I'm heading to Anime Central this weekend in Rosemont, so if anyone happens to be there, I'll be dressed as Post Time Skip Haruno Sakura. Goodness, was the costume a bitch to make.

My major fandom right now is Naruto, and I want either Kakashi or Sasuke's babies. I'm really not picky as to which one's. XD I'm a ginormous SasuSaku fan, and all my other communities I'm in kinda show that. I've been writing a bit of fanfiction here and there, and I've also been messing with digital art.

Oh, and I've been crossplaying a lot lately. O.o; I did a Sanji cosplay last Halloween. All my art/cosplay stuff is up at my Deviant Art page. Okee doke, well, I should go back to doing nothing working.

I miss you guys. :) It's good to be back, and I can't wait to hear more from ya'll.

-Le Brans
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